Bali bagus, Kuta bogus…

Glad to say I got my first session under my belt, the first is always rough after traveling for 20 something hours. I surfed Cangu with Rizal and Taylor Steele, I think my cutbacks and floaters landed me a part in his next video… ┬áCangu is a super wedged beach break with a crazy rip current that demands constant paddling. Waves were definitely fun, but after a couple of sets to the dome and only five waves, I was done for.

For those of you who have traveled to Costa Rica and have been to Jaco, you know that it is less than pleasant. Now try to imagine Jaco on crack, and Kuta is what you would get. A concrete jungle, littered with trash and traffic and the constant hustle from every street peddler. Yes? You want look! Yes? you want transport! Yes? You want sexy massage! Yes? You want jewelry for girlfriend…. NO! I just want to get on a boat and go to G-land, thanks! And that is what I will be doing first thing in the morning. Very ready to get this trip in full gear and spend the next week in the jungle, far away from this madness…

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2 comments on “Bali bagus, Kuta bogus…
  1. Franchot Barba says:

    Yeahh!!! Rosco… Good for you bud. I was happy to see your blog, it’s giving me something to ready and dream about while I sit at work bored out of my F’n mind. Whish you the best waves of your life bud good luck! Ps. Jaco is not that bad just ask Andy and Race they had a blast….

  2. eff eight says:

    Good luck at G-land Ross! Don’t forget to eat your Wheaties before you paddle out…

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