Ready for another great weekend!

Last weekend was quite the epic weekend! We had fun waves on Saturday and the GATORS whooped up on the volunteers 31 to 17! I had on an epic shirt on but it may be to vulgar to display on this here surf station blog so I wont. The gators had another slow start but came together in the second half and then silenced 102,000 people in Neyland Stadium. A friend that was at the game said at the end all that you could hear was the chants of “I SAID ITS GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!” The next day was followed by¬† my ATL Falcons taking the big W. All my boys Zander, Cabe, Dodson, and a ton more went out to California to see the Jags play the Chargers. The game did not go so good but from the looks of it and what I heard they still had a great time! Couple pics below of what we did for the Gator Vol game last Saturday.

The GATORS have a another big sec home game this Saturday against Kentucky. And yes I will be there decked out in all orange slugging beers all day so you know Ill be getting rowdy. The plan is to orange out the entire swamp. It is a night game and starts at 7pm on espnu so be sure to watch and be getting rowdy! There is a slate of great college games on Saturday (including Alabama vs. Arkansas at 3:30pm) and if the wind would ever cooperate we could have some fun waves which would make another great Saturday.

My dad also just emailed me a couple photos of Mexico. He sent me a picture of him repping the Gators at his house and how he tailgated for the Florida Tennessee game last Saturday. Its quite impressive.


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