Eric Geiselman edit

Also from Jimmy Wilson, these kids are super good! Florida’s brightest hope, go EG!

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2 comments on “Eric Geiselman edit
  1. Garrett says:

    Innersection worthy. Submit it EG!

  2. Eye4talent says:

    Probably the most underrated guy from Florida. His younger brother is getting more media attention, but Eric rips harder and is so much more powerful. Eric’s talent is up there with Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, and Julian Wilson. He has the power along with the technical air ability like those three. He kind of reminds me of a Josh Kerr, but more powerful. Eric has the full package. Can’t understand why he isn’t more well known? Definitely WCT quality. He has more talent than half of the WCT. His talent has been under the radar and hidden as of late because of all the media coverage his younger brother has been getting. Eric rips harder and I don’t think anyone would disagree. He needs to market himself better and get on the CT.

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