Happy Birthday America!!!

So Saturday didn’t go as well as Friday did. I got put out so I think that’s =13 in the contest for me. But that’s ok because now we don’t have to change our flight. The waves were even smaller and more inconsistent and crowded in the free surf area. After we got to wait for 2 hours to get food because who knew that Huntington Beach would get crowded on July 4th weekend?

Evan and I after my heat

Now we’re in the airport on our way back to FL. Lugging the board bags was such a pain. I must have accidentally packed an anchor or something in mine because it weighs a ton.

Evan was really excited about lugging our stuff everywhere

Today Evan and I are surfing the 4th of July ESA on the south side of the Pier. Hopefully we wont be too jet lagged. Today I will also be celebrating our nation’s puritan roots by dressing as one of our finest peoples: the redneck. So break out those beer bellies, and Eagle tattoos, slap on that fanny pack, and put “Free Bird” on loop because tonight we’re getting crazy for America!

Me and Tux saying “Goodnight” on the plane

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    Looks like the wind is onshore now

    Thankful for this planet and its oceans on Earth Day. Photo from today by codycoleman http://t.co/rUTQuZ12wy

    Water photo from today. Tory Strange on the left, Chase Stevens on the right, Cody Colman behind the lens. http://t.co/cvBqDnfFfg

    Surfer Scott Calvin Surfs Sunrise http://t.co/JNxR8TUVt6

    A nice right http://t.co/WChZOBDZUg