Look who we ran into today!

After we surfed T Street today, we went over to Carlsbad to visit St. Augustine’s very own surf pro Zander Morton at his office, TransWorld Media.   He showed us around and told us about his job, which Noah and I both hope we have that job when we’re working.  Zander is an editor for TransWorld Surf.  He writes articles, he picks the pictures for the aritcle with the team and they get published in the magizine once a month.  His latest article is on Puerto Rico.  He also has a really sick skate park in his office building which Noah and I got to skate on.  He can surf during the day whenever he wants to.  That’s my kind of job, surfing, skating and writing and talking about surfing all day every day!  We tried to go to the San Diego Zoo, but got lost and ended up at the San Diego Safari Park, which is an hour away from the zoo.  Then we just headed back to T Street to get another glassy wave session in before dark.  No June gloom either and the water is

kind of warm, but still need a full suit.  We’re stoked because our dad flies in tomorrow.  He’s going to love it here.  Maybe he’ll buy us a house here so we can come any time we want.

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