Ian Walsh: 13 Days in Indonesia

Latitude Zero from Ian Walsh on Vimeo.

Most big wave surfers are capable of surfing respectably well when the buoys aren’t reading 20 at 20. But Ian Walsh? He’ll awe you in the small stuff. Get a load of this 3:50 clip from Ian’s two weeks spent in Indonesia. He gets barreled and turns in a way that, well, demands respect. Those backhand combos are remarkable, and so we will remark on them.


Resident board expert

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    FCS No Screw Single Fin! https://t.co/gExeE4Ms76 via @YouTube

    Yes some good waves today @ St. Augustine Beach http://t.co/DfsN37ASNF

    Saturday early morning @ St. Augustine Beach! http://t.co/8HLOSkA10r

    Frrrriday morning @ St. Augustine Beach! http://t.co/3Jieya8OyX

    Smaller surf today @ 1 to occ 2 feet. Here is the surf report with photos of the fun surf we had last night: http://t.co/7PvOTKVYoo