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FRIDAY Early Morning
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Friday Mid Day
Surf report Image 3
Friday Evening
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Thursday Early Morning

Last Updated FRIDAY Evening by Kyle - Report #3 Of The Day
Change From Yesterday:similar in size or a tad bigger
Change From Last Report:the wind is Onshore S
Current Wave Size:1 to 1.5 to occ 2 feet
Surface Conditions:Choppy
Surf Station Surf Factor:
1.75 - Comments: It’s ridable, not real good though.
6 Hour Forecast:Small surf again today. The wind is forecast to be SW than go south later today. See Deans surf forecast for more details
Dean's Detailed Long Range Forecast:Click Here
Last Updated FRIDAY Evening by Kyle - Report #3 Of The Day
Wave Size In Body Height:Knee to thigh high
Largest Wave:maybe a waist high set at the right spot
Surf Is On Increase or Decrease:up and down with the lulls and surges of this small scale swell, currently up a tad
WindSwell / GroundSwell / Combo:minor groundswell
Swell Direction:ESE
Water Temperature:73
Current:Slight, from the S
Swell Interval:a few 9 second readsings on the buoy
Water Clairty:Fair
Critters:no new reports
Hard to Paddle Out:1 - (On the 1-5 Scale)
Last Updated FRIDAY Evening by Kyle - Report #3 Of The Day
Wind Direction, Speed & Air Temp:Click Here
Wind Direction / Speed For Florida:Click Here
Local Radar Link:Click Here
Last Updated FRIDAY Evening by Kyle - Report #3 Of The Day
Today's Tide Info:
Tomorrow's Tide Info:
View St. Augustine Beach Tides for the Entire Year:NOAA
St. Augustine Weather Station: Click Here


6:45 am:   The waves are small but a tad bigger than yesterday on this Friday morning.  The waves look about knee to thigh high early.  The wind is SW @ 6-8 knots early this morning. The marine forecast is calling for SW then S winds today.   The Canaveral Buoy is showing a swell height of2.6 feet at 7.7 seconds , up form yesterdays  2.0 feet @ 9.1 seconds .  The Grays Reef Buoy is showing waves of 1.3 feet at 7.7 seconds, the same as yesterday.     Photos coming soon and you can check out early pics on the  SS Cam page.

8:20 am:   You can see in the early photos there is hope for today.   The East Canaveral buoy has ticked up some and if you wait around long enough, you will see some set waves roll in around thigh high.   Super inconsistent but the sets are there.

11:45 am: New photos are up for mid day. The wave size has stayed about the same and the wind has continued to blow offshore. The tide is in-between causing the waves to break pretty shallow right now and closing out rather fast. If you find the right sandbar though their is potential to find some pretty fun waves.

5:20 pm: The wind went onshore awhile ago making it no longer glassy, but there are still some waves rolling through if you want to get out there on a longboard. The wind is now S so its not completely choppy. The wind should die back down in the morning with a little boost in swell too. New photos are up in box 3



* As we celebrate our freedom on the 4th of July, lets look at our military who preserves our freedom.  Here is an article on military surfers right here in St. Augustine! the St. Augustine Record did this article, check it out.

* Always surfboards and more to buy and sell on the Surf Station’s Community Messageboard.

* How do you contact us?   Lots of ways!  See this page: You can even text us!  (The # is on that page)

*  A bit more size/consistency makes for some fun waves for the holiday weekend?  Check out Dean’s surf forecast here.

To be tested is good.  The challenged life may be the best therapist.  ~Gail Sheehy
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Reef’s EXIT
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In the shaping room with Britt Merrick – The Weirdo Ripper
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Catch Surf Get Wet Tour 2015
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Evan Brownell Pt. 2 — Rocket Man
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Evan Brownell + The Groms
Surf Station team rider Evan Brownell shares some fun little waves with friends in St Augustine

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Evan Brownell Pt. 2 — Rocket Man
Surf Station team rider Evan Brownell going hard at home on his custom Kechele Surfboard. Shop Kehele Surfboards HERE

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Evan Brownell + The Groms
Surf Station team rider Evan Brownell shares some fun little waves with friends in St Augustine

Tim Curran rides the High 5
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    Frrrriday morn @ St. Augustine Beach. East Canaveral buoy ticked up to 2.6 feet at 9.1 seconds.

    Thursday early morning "boat in the line up" @ St. Augustine Beach

    Thursday morning

    Small surf and a dreamy Wednesday @ St. Augustine Beach

    Tuesday. Small surf but a beautiful day @ St. Augustine Beach!