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Gabe’s Quiver — the Rookie

Gabe Kling discusses his current go-to small wave shortboard, the Rookie from Channel Islands.

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Sperm Whale Surfboard Review

Matt O reviews the Sperm Whale surfboard by Channel Islands and Dane Reynolds. We just got a few in stock and they should be on the online store soon! There’s a little bonus footage of Tory riding his Sperm Whale

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The DFR!!

Is it Dane Fred Rubble or Dane F#@$%^& Reynolds?! You make the choice! New model has been looking hot under the feet of the CI Team, expect it here around summertime or get in line with a custom order…

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Coming Soon! Channel Islands Sperm Whale Surfboard

Another crazy creation from Dane – the Channel Islands Sperm Whale Looks like it could be a great board for Florida! We have shipment on order and arriving soon! Stay tuned… “Put Dane in a blue room with a block

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Neck beard tail options

Matt O goes over the different tail shapes available on the Neck Beard surfboards from Channel Islands. The original chop or square tail, the swallow tail and the new wide squash tail.

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The Lost Grocket is a fast performance board for some of the smaller mushier to the cleaner larger waves. This board is a follow up to the Rocket and is a great all around board for Florida waves. Check out

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Surf Station’s Mike P take a look at Sharp Eye’s Game Changer model board. Check out the video and come on into Surf Station or view online – CLICK HERE!

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Channel Islands – Semi Pro 12

Fine-tuned during the course of Kelly’s 2011 campaign, the Semi-Pro 12 comes from Kelly’s wider forward outline which incorporates a 12” nose. The main purpose of this design change was to allow for more volume which translates to easier paddling

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Matt O explains the similarities and differences between the Rookie and Remix model surfboards from Channel Islands.

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Lost Subscorcher Surfboard Review

The Lost Subscorcher is a perfect board for the smaller waves. As a board used for smaller surf, you want to typically ride it a few inches smaller than your normal short board (2-3 inches). Some of the key features

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