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Last few photos from Eland's Bay

The nature of film (for me at least) is that it takes a while to get developed. I shot half a roll in Eland’s Bay before I left and just got it developed a month or so ago. Here are

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South Africa in Black and White

South Africa in Black and White, a set on Flickr. Photos from South Africa, shot on Kodak Tri X 35mm film

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South Africa Analog

Footage of South Africa shot on Ektachrome Super 8. Watch on Youtube I shot on Super 8 for a few reasons: 1. The first time I saw 16mm projected I fell in love. I could go on forever about it

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Eland’s Bay

I don’t care what anyone else says, pointbreaks are a totally different experience when surfing frontside. One of the more hilarious imbalances to my surfing travels up to this point is that I had surfed a few world class right

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    A nice sunrise this morning @ St. Augustine Beach

    Thursday's sunrise @ #staugustinebeach with very very small surf.

    Thursday right in the distance before sunrise

    Looks like the wind is onshore now

    Thankful for this planet and its oceans on Earth Day. Photo from today by codycoleman