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Last Updated THURSDAY Midday by Rachel (+ an Evening Note below)
Change From Yesterday:Larger Surf (morning to morning)
Change From Last Report:Wind is hard NNE
Current Wave Size:2.5-4 feet, occ slightly larger
Surface Conditions:Choppy
Surf Station Surf Factor:
2.25 - Comments: Worth it if you have nothing else going on
6 Hour Forecast:Much larger surf today with some head high set waves. Semi-glassy early, much choppier later (see Deans surf forecast on the surf forecast page for more details)
Dean's Detailed Long Range Forecast:Click Here
Last Updated THURSDAY Midday by Rachel (+ an Evening Note below)
Does The Surf Appear To Be Getting Better or Worse?:worse
Wave Size In Body Height:Waist to chest high, occ larger
Largest Wave:head high
Surf Is On Increase or Decrease:increase
WindSwell / GroundSwell / Combo:Combo
Swell Direction:ENE
Water Temperature:68
Current:Swift N
Swell Interval:short and close together windwaves
Water Clairty:fair
Critters:no new reports in
Hard to Paddle Out:4 - (On the 1-5 Scale)
Last Updated THURSDAY Midday by Rachel (+ an Evening Note below)
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Wind Direction / Speed For Florida:Click Here
Air Temperature:
Local Radar Link:Click Here
Last Updated THURSDAY Midday by Rachel (+ an Evening Note below)
Today's Tide Info:
Tomorrow's Tide Info:
View St. Augustine Beach Tides for the Entire Year:NOAA
St. Augustine Weather Station: Click Here


6:50 am:    The waves look bigger than this time yesterday morning.   Larger and lumpy with a temporary offshore NW wind.   The marine forecast is calling for NE winds at 20-35 knots today.      See the wind data here @ the pier and here on the Surf Station Weather Station. Checking the buoys:  The Canaveral Buoy and the Grays Reef Buoy are both showing increased swell with the Canaveral buoy a 5.2 feet at 10 second ground swell reading early.   You can see the waves early on the Surf Station You Tube HD Cam.

 8:35 am:   Early-morning photos are up in box # 1 and you can see we have much larger surf today, than yesterday.   Since the photos were taken, the wind has gone a little more sideshore it is slowly starting to pick up.   It’s still semi glassy though, as a report time, with some large lumpy lines pushing through on the outside.   It’s somewhat inconsistent at times out there, but when the sets come there some set waves that look easily shoulder to head high.

9:10 am:  The wind has picked up a little more so it’s not longer semi-glassy but now semi-choppy and getting choppier.   Dang we should have paddled out at sunrise.   Did anyone? Tell us here (or tell us any surf story) as we’d love to hear. A story of the cleaner surf may be all we have as it’s getting choppier by the second with the marine forecast calling for a big blow onshore all day today.

10: 05 am:    Looking choppier as the wind picks up more…

12:33 pm: Getting a bit more like a washing machine out there. Still more organized than yesterday with a few inside dumpy tube things. Expect a drift if you go out. Winds have picked up NNE with gust of 21 knots

 4:15 pm:    Still quite choppy and disorganized.   But at times there are some walls on the outside that… are probably earlier to get out and ride on the kiteboard.  Check the new photos in box #3 and you can see for yourself…

 6:40 pm:   Choppy looking surf this evening.   Choppy and sloppy, mixed up and messy surf.   Some large outside waves with some overhead peaks at times.  Gosh it would be so much better if the wind were offshore.

And we will hope Saturdays offshore prediction holds true.  These waves would be so good with offshores… over and out…



 * Inside the Surf Station Surf Forecast:  Looks like the swell may peak today….but will it peak again on Easter?  

* Speaking of Easter…   Surf Station is having an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend at the shop.   Check out the details here.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

Mother Teresa

After a long surf session, check out downtown St. Augustine.  So many cool shops, restaurants, and taverns to see and check out.  ’The Floridian‘ on Cordova Street has local and organic food, and is owned and run by the family of a former Surf Station team rider.

“The Air”.. Bells, 2012
Just a friendly reminder of what to expect from the Champ at the Bells Bowl, hopefully..

Easter Weekend Sale & Egg Hunt!
Surf Station & The Girl Next Door Surf Shops are having HUGE Easter Weekend Sales! ALL Day Saturday 4/19 & Sunday 4/20/14 In-Store & Online! 15% OFF ALL Boardshorts, Bikinis & Sandals! Use Coupon Code: EASTER15 when Shopping Online! (Code is case sensitive) PLUS!!! Easter Egg Savings Scavenger Hunt in the Main Shop! Get here early to hunt thru the shop for hidden Easter eggs with exclusive coupons for up 60% OFF select merchandise as well as FREE gift cards and merchandise!!! Hidden Eggs May Contain: • FREE $5 Surf Station Gift Card! • FREE $25 Surf Station Gift Card! • FREE $50 Surf Station Gift Card! • FREE Surf ...

Michel Bourez Wins Drug Aware Margaret River Pro
Michel Bourez Wins the 2014 Margaret River Pro from Firewire Surfboards on Vimeo. In the day of the “heat analyzer” we all get to play scientist, sportscaster or critic, watching heats over and over at live speed and in slow motion until our daily lives pull us back to reality. To those fanatics who live and breathe surfing, the accounts below that date back to November of 2012 will be familiar. For the second year in a row, California played host to its second World Tour event with the O’Neill Cold Water Classic. Something happened though that was totally unexpected: Michel ...

Why Try an Indo Board?
We have an amazing selection of Indo Board Balance Trainers here at the Station! Scientifically designed to help your balance and ultimately help your surfing. Whether you're doing yoga, workouts, or just working on your nose rides, the INDO BOARD is right for you. The Indo Board personally has helped me overcome a major Traumatic Brain Injury, vertigo, and horrible balance. We asked World Champion Indo Boarder Chance McClaughlin to come by and show us some things. Starting at $139 with multiple colors and deck arts. Order online by CLICKING HERE! We offer free shipping anywhere in the continental US with orders over $29!!! ...

It’s Tropical Too x Cody Thompson
Cody Thompson gets tropical once again... Camera: Carl Rosen and Tristan Thompson Second Camera: Everett Sullivan Edit: Everett Sullivan Music: "Handsome Nick" by The People's Temple

Jordy Smith in SW Oz
Jordy Smith free surfing around West Oz, I spy North Point in there!

Well... We always have board shorts, but its almost that time of the year you switch to nothing but, and frolic about the beach in style. All the brands you can imagine! All the sizes! All the stretches! Low on the cash flow??? We have 40% off racks at BOTH LOCATIONS!!  BUT WAIT!!! All of the board shorts at The Surf Station 2 are 40% off or BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! SUMMER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! CLICK HERE TO SHOP ONLINE! I'M SO HAPPY I COULD MAKE AN 80's BALLAD!

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Surf Station Surf Shop Closing…
  Just Kidding!!! Did we get you?!? Of course, Surf Station is not closing! We are celebrating our 30 year anniversary this year and hope to see another 30 years more! Thank you all for your continued support!

Drone Over Mayport Poles
Eye in the sky over Mayport Poles on March 20th. Filmed by Mike Pedigo..

COMING SOON! Channel Islands Bunny Chow Surfboard
COMING SOON to The Surf Station: CHANNEL ISLANDS BUNNY CHOW SURFBOARD Model Description: Channel Islands Bunny Chow by Jordy Smith. The Bunny Chow has been Jordy Smith's board of choice for his world tour campaigns in poor to fair surf. Designed around Jordy's large build and dynamic approach, the Bunny Chow is equally suited to be on rail or in the air.  Jordy rides his 6'1" x 11.9" x 19" x 15.27" x 2.5". The Bunny Chow rails are full to provide maximum volume. The rocker is staged to accommodate Jordy's power. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES ON WHEN THE BUNNY CHOW WILL ...

A pleasant afternoon shred in the Oldest City featuring Gabe Kling and Mike P.

Damaged CI Shipment
We were anxiously awaiting our new shipment of Channel Islands Surfboards. Boxes of new shred sticks including Fred Stubbles, #4's and DFR's. Upon arrival, we noticed that the box containing them looked a little suspect. It seems the shipping company misread the label that said FRAGILE and took it to mean run over with a vehicle. As you can imagine, upon further inspection, the boards arrived in pretty bad shape. We figured you as the customer would take a little comfort in knowing that it doesn't only happen on flights to Costa Rica. Prepare yourself for the horror and take a look ...

Surfing Typhoon Lagoon
To-Surf or Not-To-Surf Typhoon Lagoon by: Brian Brown I was recently a last minute invite to a group of guys heading out to surf the wave pool at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park in Orlando, Florida. I had heard a lot of chatter about this wave and have been curious to see exactly what type of wave it could produce. I was a little reluctant to join as I've heard mixed reviews about the caliper of wave you get for the cost of renting the place out. Chances are, if you ask someone that has surfed it before you are going to ...

Jeremy Flores riding Slater’s equipment
Mr. Flores on some of Slater's fresh Channel Islands sleds looking more radical than I have ever seen him!

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